Winter Wine Special: Eola Hills 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon

Dec 3, 2020 – Our winter wine special, Eola Hills 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon, is a rich, ripe Cab that is a perfect pairing for cold weather and rustic, hearty pastas.  Eola Hills is one of Oregon’s legacy wineries, and we’re so happy to be pouring one of their wines for the first time.

In the early 1980’s Oregonian Tom Huggins found himself intrigued by the notion of creating great regional wines in the heart of the Willamette Valley.

Tom convinced a handful of close friends and family members to invest with him in purchasing a 35 acre wheat field on Oak Grove Road, just a few miles west of Salem, on a site he felt was ideal for growing grapes.  The beautiful Estate Vineyard is pictured above.

These young Oregonians didn’t just bring their savings to the table. They prepared the site and planted the vines themselves. They learned to stake and train vines, harvest, sort, and crush the grapes that became the winery’s first 1,500 cases in 1986. It was hard work, it was fun, and the wine was terrific.

Today, Eola Hills Wine Cellars is still locally owned and operated and is one of Oregon’s largest wineries, farming over 325 acres of prime vineyard land.  Production now surpasses 80,000.  They are committed to sustainable farming, taking the necessary steps to select biological treatments for pests and disease. Moreover, for every vine planted, they plant a native tree. Their goal is to make wines that they feel captures the spirit and flavors of Oregon – we think they have succeeded!  I hope you enjoy this delicious Cabernet throughout the winter at Pastini.


Susie B.

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