Introducing our Winter Pasta and Wine

Jan 16, 2024 – Celebrate the New Year with a Pastini tradition! This winter, we’re excited to introduce our seasonal special: Stuffed Shells. Imagine luscious pasta shells overflowing with a decadent blend of Italian sausage, beef and ricotta — baked to perfection in our housemade marinara, and generously topped with parmesan and fresh parsley. Eugene fans might remember this dish previously on their menu, and we’re so pleased to bring it back as our winter pasta special at all Pastini restaurants.


Stuffed Shells


For a perfect pairing, elevate your dining experience with our new seasonal wine, Podere Montepulciano. Savor this rich, fruity red all winter – it’s our favorite! Crafted by the Bernetti family, a small family-owned vineyard in Abruzzo, Italy, renowned for their traditional winemaking. This smooth, full-bodied red features a delightful fruit profile of Morello cherries and a lovely note of spice to warm you.


Winter Wine Special


Last month, our culinary leaders from across the state came together to collaborate on the development of our winter specials. With decades of collective experience, many have been with us since the opening of their respective restaurants, while others bring fresh perspectives as recent additions. During the workshop, our Executive Chefs and Kitchen Managers tested and refined our new seasonal special and unveiled an irresistible new dessert (stay tuned for more sweet surprises!). Guided by our Lead Executive Chef, the team delved into the art of bringing these exciting dishes to life.


Fabian with Stuffed Shells on the Pan


Behind the scenes, these creations aren’t just recipes – they’re a testament to the meticulous effort invested by our team. For instance, every shell in our seasonal special is hand-stuffed and paired with our famous housemade marinara. And we’ve partnered with local vendor Classic Foods from NE Portland, who supplies us with fresh artisan pastas made on their authentic Italpast machine.


Pastini Chef sprinkling cheese on our stuffed shells winter special


We take pride in handcrafting dishes to order and ensuring that every meal is a memorable experience. The secret ingredient? Our phenomenal team – the unsung heroes creating every classic Pastini dish you savor at your local neighborhood restaurant.

As winter takes hold, join us in savoring the season with our limited-time winter special menu! Our Stuffed Shells go beyond a mere meal, capturing the essence of winter celebrations and fostering connections at family tables.

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