Winter Specials and Cocktails are here!

Here’s your winter dining forecast: a warming food trend, with a riff on risotto and a new take on a traditional dish! We’ve been cooking up a storm recently and created two terrific specials for the season.  Orzo ‘Risotto’ with Vegetables takes rice-shaped orzo pasta and simmers it like risotto in butter, garlic, stock and […]

Warm Up with Fall Flavors

Wine and Thyme Braised Lamb Ragu is a perfect fall dish… rich, slow-simmered lamb with garlic, tomatoes, red wine, carrots, onions, and lots of fresh organic thyme, served with Bob’s Red Mill polenta cooked with butter and parmesan. Paired with a glass of red, like our October wine of the month Barnard Griffin Cabernet, this […]

Meet the New Players on Pastini’s Wine List

We take great pride in showcasing local wines from Oregon and Washington, in addition to wines from across the pond in Italy. This Oregon Wine Month, we are excited to share our new, expanded wine list with all of you. We are also hosting a very special sweepstakes that will have our wine lovers crossing […]

Welcome Spring with our Smoked Salmon Ravioli

We’re bringing in springtime a little early this year with wild Chinook salmon and bright flavors! Introducing our Smoked Salmon Ravioli with Parmesan-Lemon Sauce and Tomato-Caper Relish. This spring pasta special pairs dill-infused smoked salmon ravioli with a lemony cream sauce and tomato-caper relish with plenty of fresh herbs. This dish has us feeling like […]

Feel the Love with February’s Wine Duo

This season, we have two wines that we know you’re going to love that also have a connection to a very famous Shakespearean couple: Passimento “Romeo & Juliet” Bianco and Rosso from the Pasqua estate in the Veneto region of NE Italy. Pasqua’s vineyards are near the charming city of Verona, where the real-life Juliet’s […]

Introducing our Winter Special Pasta

**Please note: This special is going fast and availability may be limited. Please call your local Pastini to ensure they are available on a given day and time. This winter, we found ourselves craving a classic Italian pairing: ravioli and red wine! Our featured seasonal entrée is a rich, meaty Braised Short Rib Ravioli with […]

Food and Wine Pairings for Fall

Spaghetti & Meatballs is Pastini’s everyday best-seller, but it’s really comforting on a crisp autumn day. We like to pair it with Pastini Rosso, our excellent everyday red wine. Made for us in Italy with 100% Sangiovese by respected winemaker Antonio Sanguineti, its easy-drinking style features tasty cherry fruit, earthy notes and a soft finish. […]


There’s something special about summers in the Pacific Northwest, when the weather is just right for playing all day… and relaxing long into the evening, surrounded by good friends, great food and cool drinks. We think our summer specials bring the best parts of the season to your table. For a taste of farm-fresh goodness, […]


Longtime Pastini followers often inquire if their favorite dish or seasonal specials will be back on the menu. That’s when we’re tempted to call our local suppliers and ask how their crops are doing! Although we wish we could make these dishes a permanent part of our menu, they’re only here for a seasonal stopover. […]

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