May 24, 2017 – Longtime Pastini followers often inquire if their favorite dish or seasonal specials will be back on the menu. That’s when we’re tempted to call our local suppliers and ask how their crops are doing! Although we wish we could make these dishes a permanent part of our menu, they’re only here for a seasonal stopover. That’s what makes them so special!

Farfalle with Asparagus and Lemon Cream Sauce is one of these favorites. We only make it when we can get asparagus fresh and local. We source ours from Snow & Sons farm in Outlook, Washington, an area renowned for growing asparagus. We like to keep things simple and let the tender spears and toothsome pasta shine in our lovely lemon cream sauce, sprinkled with toasted pistachios. If you’ve been waiting for its return, now is the time for a visit.

Another much-requested pasta is our Ziti di Campagna. This hearty dish was on our very first Pastini menu in 2001, and we’re bringing it back for a limited time this spring. The word campagna means “country-style” and this pasta lives up to its name. We cook up fennel sausage, spring peas, local organic mushrooms, tomatoes and roasted peppers, complemented by a rich, creamy sauce. If spring showers still have you in the mood for comfort food, this is the dish for you.

Join us soon for these vintage Pastini recipes, fresh from the farm.

Susie B.

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