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Pastini Winter Specials

Pasta Special

Stuffed Shells

Fresh pasta shells stuffed with ricotta, Italian sausage and beef filling baked with housemade marinara and topped with parmesan and parsley


Wine Special

Podere Montepulciano

Savor this rich, fruity red all winter – our favorite this season! The Bernetti family of Umani Ronchi winery in Abruzzo makes this smooth, full-bodied red with a delicious fruit profile of Morello cherries and a lovely note of spice.

9.5 / 14.25 / 38

Cocktail Specials

Kahlua Tiramisu Cocktail

Kahlua, dark rum, cream, dusted with cocoa powder and topped with half a ladyfinger


Pomegranate-Orange Mule

Vodka, fresh lime juice, blood orange puree, pomegranate Monin


Zero-Proof Mocktail

Pomegranate Black Pepper Mock-Mojito

Dhos nonalcoholic gin, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, pomegranate Monin, garnished with mint leaves and black pepper


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