Seasonal Wine Special: Scaia Corvina 2017

Sept 2, 2020 – The four Castagnedi brothers, Armando, Tiziano, Paolo and Massimo, had a dream that originated in their father’s vineyards at Tenuta Sant’Antonion in the heart of Valpolicella… to make, fresh, modern wines from the traditional grapes of this area, the Veneto region of NE Italy. They call the wines Scaia (SKY-uh), a word from the Veneto dialect meaning a chip of stone or limestone, a tribute to the soil where this line of unique young wines is produced.

For the autumn season, we are pouring their Scaia Corvina 2017, an easy-drinking and versatile red just perfect as the weather transitions from warm to crisp. Fresh blackberry, cherry and plum notes jump out, intense with a good body despite its young lightness. Corvina is the primary grape of Valpolicella in NE Italy, here made with a modern, fruity and fresh approach. The Castagnedi family combines traditional methods with contemporary attitude and style in this beautiful area of Italy, where grapes grown on rolling hills lead north into the Italian Alps. We know you will love this delicious vintage!


Susie B.


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