Pastini Pastathons

Raising money never tasted so good!

What is a Pastathon?

A Pastathon is a dine out fundraising event we have developed to partner with K-12 public schools to help them raise funds and allow Pastini to give back to the community. It offers the school an opportunity to raise money, while widening Pastini’s reach in the community.

Pastathons are held on Thursdays, excluding holidays and the month of December. Supporters dine in at lunch or dinner or order takeout food (call in only), and mention the name of the school or bring in a copy of the flyer. Pastini will donate 40% of each check.

Pastini provides Pastathon marketing materials, customized for your school. This includes printable flyers in color and black and white and a web-sized JPG image that can be used on your website, social media and email newsletters. We help by advertising the event through our newsletter and on our website, Facebook, etc. You promote the event through your network of supporters.

Which Pastini locations participate in the Pastathon program?

Pastathons are held at all our locations.

What organizations can be beneficiaries of Pastathons?

Pastathons were created to support K-12 schools in the communities our restaurants serve.

Choosing Dates

You can book your Pastathon up to one year in advance and no sooner than two weeks. Pastathons are only held on Thursdays.

We do not hold Pastathons on holidays or anytime in the month of December. During these times, your supporters may experience longer than usual wait times for tables, impacting the success of the event.

We allow three events a year per school; usually a school will do one in the fall and one in spring.

How does Pastini help promote your Pastathon?

We will provide promotional materials, including a customized poster you can print and a digital file you can use for online promotion. After you send us your application and we confirm your Pastathon date, we will have your materials customized and forwarded to you.

Promoting your Pastathon

How you promote the event is up to you! Ideas that other schools have had in the past include:

Sharing on Facebook or Instagram

Emailing the event to your mailing list

Including the event in a newsletter mailing

Handing out flyers at local events (always check to see if this is allowed)

Adding the event to local community calendars, such as Meetup or Craigslist

Have your supporters provide links on their Facebook page to share with their network

Displaying posters in your office and community

We ask you do not hand out flyers in front of the participating Pastini during your event. Pastathons only work if people come to dine specifically to support your organization. The success of your Pastathon is completely up to you!

How we keep track of your Pastathon sales

When a guest lets their server know they are dining with us to support your school, their server will tag their ticket in our point of sale. This groups the tickets associated with your school and allows us to pull a sales report. Our main office accounting team will then tally the total. You should expect to receive the results from your Pastathon within two weeks of the event.

Most school events are well attended, and with proper promotion supporters typically spend between $800 and $3000. This comes to a donation of about $320-1200. The restaurant will also be open to the general public the days of your event, but only money spent by people who mention your school will go into the donation pool. You will receive 40% of the money in the donation pool. We do not offer events where we offer a percentage of the full day’s total receipts from all sales.

Contact info

If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact our coordinator, Nancy Redding, at or 503-595-1361 Ext. 102

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