It might seem a bit counter-intuitive but, if you have issues with wheat, you can still eat quite well at any Pastini Pastaria. The secret is our wonderful gluten-free pasta made from brown rice. We offer two shapes, penne and spaghetti. This gluten-free pasta is so delicious, we get dozens of comments from customers every week. We’re able to substitute the wheat free pasta for most dishes on the menu. The exceptions are those dishes that are assembled in advance like the Manicotti, Lasagna and Cannelloni Frutti di Mare, but that leaves almost 30 pastas to choose from. And, we’ll substitute our gluten free pasta at no extra charge!

Be sure you talk to your server when eating gluten-free. They’ll advise you that our meatballs contain bread crumbs and help you navigate the menu for a gluten-free meal.

Also our menu also features housemade Gluten-Free Tiramisu. This classic dessert is made exactly like our regular Tiramisu, but with gluten-free ladyfingers. We whip fresh mascarpone and cream, sweeten it with sugar and a splash of dark rum, and layer it with the espresso-soaked ladyfingers. It’s so good!

So, whether you suffer from Celiac disease or have chosen a gluten-free diet for lifestyle reasons, Pastini has you covered. We do delicious gluten free entrées and we do it right!

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