Oregon Wine Month: Pinot Noir Flight Feature

Oregon Wine Month

May 1, 2024 – Ah, May in Oregon – a time when the state’s wine scene buzzes with excitement as we celebrate Oregon Wine Month. This year, we’re rolling out the red carpet (or should we say, the vineyard carpet?) for a celebration like no other!


Say hello to our latest special offering: wine flights! We’re thrilled to announce not one, but two flight options that will whisk you away on a journey through the scenic Willamette Valley: a Pinot Noir flight and a White/Rosé Flight. See the menu here, and learn more about our winery package raffle! We can’t wait for you to join us and sip, savor, and celebrate the best of Oregon as we raise a glass to everything that makes this state so wonderful.


Now, let’s talk Pinot Noir – often called the heartbreak grape for good reason: This elusive varietal demands a delicate touch and a deep understanding of its quirks, as cultivating Pinot Noir is a challenging task due to its thin skin and susceptibility to disease. However, when done right, the results are spectacular. Oregon’s Willamette Valley provides the perfect conditions for nurturing this finicky grape. Its rolling hills, bathed in sunlight with cool misty mornings and warm afternoons, create a paradise for Pinot Noir. The valley’s unique microclimate and volcanic soil rich in nutrients offer an ideal environment for these delicate vines to thrive.


But it’s not just about the climate and soil – it’s the passion of the people behind the wine that sets Oregon apart. Winemaking in the Willamette Valley is a labor of love, with craftsmanship passed down through generations. Many small family-owned vineyards contribute to this dedication to quality, propelling Oregon’s Pinot Noir onto the world stage and drawing comparisons to the esteemed wines of Burgundy, France.


Here’s our lineup of handpicked featured Pinot Noirs for the month of May, selected to perfectly complement our menu. And check out our White / Rosé flight here.


Elk Cove Pinot Noir


Embark on your journey and explore the rich history of Elk Cove Vineyards with your first wine.

Founded in 1974 by Pat and Joe Campbell, Elk Cove stands as one of Oregon’s oldest vineyards, embodying the pioneering spirit of the state’s esteemed wine industry. Under the guidance of head winemaker Adam Campbell, Elk Cove continues to uphold its legacy of excellence, handcrafting wines with sustainable practices—which has been passed down in the family through generations.


Elk Cove Pinot Noir, renowned for its seamless fusion of blackberries, cedar, and chocolate, offers a rich and layered tasting journey that captivates the senses. With velvety texture and savory, earthy undertones, it’s sure to enchant any Pinot Noir lover.


Pair Elk Cove Pinot Noir with our Fusilli alla Roma—the savory richness of mushrooms and subtle sweetness of sun-dried tomatoes perfectly complement the depth of the wine. And for dessert, indulge in our Chocolate Tartufo, where rich chocolate flavors bring out the fruity notes of the wine, creating a decadent combination.


Growers Guild Pinot Noir


Next up in our Pinot Noir flight is the Growers Guild Pinot Noir from Owen Roe Winery, a true gem founded in 1999 by David and Angelica O’Reilly. Owen Roe proudly showcases the unique terroir of the Pacific Northwest, with winemaker David O’Reilly employing minimal handling and traditional techniques to craft exceptional wines. Sustainability is at the heart of Owen Roe’s philosophy, contributing to Oregon’s reputation as a premier Pinot Noir producer.


Growers Guild Pinot Noir delights with rich flavors of black plum and berries, offering a fruit-forward first sip. Its dry, light-bodied profile, elevated acidity, and subtle tannins culminate in a soft, smooth finish that lingers, leaving a memorable impression on the palate.


Pair it with our classic Baked Ziti with Italian Sausage for combination of bold flavors, or explore our selection of lighter, creamy pastas to showcase the wine’s versatility.


Sass Pinot Noir


Last but certainly not least, let’s journey through the South Salem Hills of Oregon’s Willamette Valley with our Sass Pinot Noir. Founded in 1996 by amateur winemaker Jerry Sass, Sass Winery has become a beacon of excellence in the region, crafting exceptional wines with a focus on top-notch varieties like Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Fueled by passion and a dedication to natural, gentle winemaking methods, Sass Winery stands as a true testament to the artistry and spirit of Oregon’s winemaking tradition.


Sass Pinot Noir entices with ripe cherry and black raspberry flavors, intertwined with rich spiciness and subtle earthy undertones of truffle and mushroom. Its silky texture, courtesy of fine tannins, enhances its overall drinkability, making it a true wine to savor.


Pair Sass Pinot Noir with our classic Spaghetti with Meatballs – it complements the slow-simmered tomato-based sauce perfectly. Or go for something with a little kick, like our Spicy Spaghetti with Italian Sausage, enhanced by the wine’s earthy and truffle notes.


Just like the famous Pinot Noir grape grown in the local Oregon soil, Pastini is locally grown right here in Oregon. Since 2001, we’ve been serving up pasta and wine with passion, locally owned and operated with a deep love for the bounty of our beautiful state.


So, whether you’re a longtime fan of Pastini or a newcomer to our table, we invite you to join us in raising a glass to Oregon Wine Month with our special wine flight featuring the finest local vineyards from our state. It’s a celebration of everything that makes Oregon’s wine scene so special – from the rich history of our vineyards to the innovative spirit of our winemakers.


Cheers to good wine, great food, and the beauty of Oregon!

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