Meatball Mondays

Start Your Week with Meatball Monday.

Meatballs bring the world together. Really, it’s true! You can find unique varieties of meatballs in cultures around the globe. Chinese meatballs might be steamed and dipped in soy sauce. In Afghanistan, meatballs are served with bread or rice. South of the border, you can order Mexican meatballs in albondigas soup.

At Pastini, our meatballs are handmade in traditional style with beef and pork, parmesan, fennel seeds and breadcrumbs, then simmered in our housemade marinara. We call it Italian comfort food, but it’s truly a dish for everyone. Every Monday, you can enjoy a big bowl of Spaghetti and Meatballs for just $10! Join us at any of our locations for lunch or dinner to take advantage of this mouthwatering Monday pick-me-up.

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