Introducing Cocktails To Go

Feb 25, 2021 – Pastini is now offering our two most popular drinks to go, juicy, festive Sangria and our distinctive and delicious Blood Orange Margarita.  Oregon restaurants have been asking the OLCC this past year to allow us to offer cocktails to go, and now we finally can!

The cocktails come in a cute individual container, ready to pour over ice, garnish and imbibe.  If you want, add your own orange peel or slice for the margarita, or a few citrus slices (lime, orange, lemon all work) for the sangria.

Of course, because it’s the OLCC, there are a couple of rules.  We can sell the cocktails only in single-serving containers, and they require that you must buy one substantial food item for every two cocktails you purchase.

We just know you’ll love having the entire Pastini experience…cocktails, dinner, wine and dessert to go!

Eat well and stay safe,

Susie B.

*Please note, for pickup you must come inside and show ID. Must be 21+ to order. Must purchase one substantial food item for every two cocktails you purchase. 

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