Fresh Ingredients from NW Farms and Waters

We love living in a region with such a rich bounty of local treasures. Better yet, at Pastini we get to partner with some of the dedicated producers who grow these fabulous local ingredients. Like our friends at Yamhill Co. Mushrooms, where this second-generation family farm has been growing local fungi since 1985. Their 160-acre farm outside of Yamhill, Oregon cultivates over 5 million pounds of Agaricus Bisporus mushrooms each and every year. Of course, it helps that the mushrooms sprout up and grow to full size in a few days! And not only are their mushroom delicious, but they’re organically grown.

Yamhill Co. Mushrooms is dedicated to sustainable farming and actually makes their own organic mushroom-growing medium, which is recycled as garden compost after its growing days are done. They also actively support their community by making regular donations to upstanding initiatives like the Yamhill Enrichment Society, Oregon Food Bank, and Yamhill Community Action. They also treat their employees well, where 70% of their workforce has been harvesting mushrooms with the company for over 10 years. Try these tasty shrooms in our Fusilli alla Roma, which marries earthy flavors like sundried tomatoes, Yamhill Co. cremini mushrooms, roasted garlic and parmesan cheese.

Another producer we’re proud to partner with is Penn Cove Shellfish out of Coupeville, Washington. Their sustainably-farmed shellfish is only harvested after we place our order. They have a beautiful array of offerings, including two varieties of mussels, two varieties of clams, and a host of Pacific oysters. At Pastini, we love their Manila Clams, which you can find in house favorites like our Linguini Misto Mare, which boasts a classic sauce and combines shrimp, Penn Cove Shellfish clams, whitefish and garlic, lemon, butter, herbs and a dash of white wine.

In addition to their great taste, shellfish are also good for you! Mussels alone are packed with essential minerals, vitamins B12 and C, and Omega-3 fatty acids that help to keep your cholesterol in check. Best of all, they are low in fat and calories, and have over 15 grams of protein per 100 grams of fish. So, why not try some today?

Join us at any of our locations and taste the difference that local makes.

Enjoy something delicious this weekend!
Susie B.

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