Feel the Love with February’s Wine Duo

Feb 6, 2018 – This season, we have two wines that we know you’re going to love that also have a connection to a very famous Shakespearean couple: Passimento “Romeo & Juliet” Bianco and Rosso from the Pasqua estate in the Veneto region of NE Italy.

Pasqua’s vineyards are near the charming city of Verona, where the real-life Juliet’s house draws thousands of visitors each year. Pasqua decided to make these special wines in tribute to the star-crossed lovers and the estate’s special connection to the city.

Take a look at the lovely label on the wine bottles – there’s a story there. At the historic house in Verona, you’ll find the famous balcony from Shakespeare’s play and a bronze statue of Juliet. There is also a wall at the entrance to the house where visitors write their beloved’s name in the hopes of ensuring everlasting love. This unique label, shot by photographer Gio Martotana, shows the messages left by the lovers.

Both wines are made with a technique unique to this wine region: a portion of the grapes are actually dried for a month before pressing, like raisins. “Appassimento” literally means the “process of drying grapes and making wine”. This process concentrates the flavors as the water in the grapes evaporates, and results in full, round wines bursting with deep fruit flavors.

The Bianco is made from Garganega grapes typical of this region and is an elegant, complex white with a rich, round texture and long finish. Tropical fruit and notes of minerality are prominent in this gorgeous white wine. We love this with our Fusilli alla Roma or Spaghetti Carbonara.

The Rosso is made from Merlot and Corvina with some Croatina grapes. It is round and rich with velvety tannins and a powerful structure, with flavors of berries, cherries and plums and a hint of spiciness. Perfect for those of you who love a big red wine! Come in and enjoy it with any hearty Pastini pasta.

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Susie B.

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