Dispatch from the PDX Galley Wars

June 12, 2019 – We’re mostly lovers not fighters at Pastini, but gladly took part in the first PDX Galley Wars on June 6 as part of this year’s Rose Festival.  The idea was to pair five restaurants each with two galley cooks from ships here for Fleet Week during the festival, to connect the Portland community and the visiting sailors.  Each team made their unique version of street tacos for the crowd of 250 naval personnel and locals…and it was an awesome party!

Pastini was paired with sailors from the USS Independence, Culinary Specialist First Class Paul Jimenez and Culinary Specialist Second Class Lawson Hamilton.  They helped us make our Italian-inspired tacos created by Pastini Executive Chef Frank Mendez: herb-roasted porchetta, salsa verde, shaved cabbage and parmesan cheese.  Pretty darn good, if we do say so.



Huge thanks to Lawson, Paul, Pastini District Manager Jon Abramson for all the help, Lt. Duane Mallory of the Independence, who provided moral support (and also ate a lot of tacos), and Rear Admiral Yvette Davids, who voted our tacos The Best!  Come back to Portland soon.


Susie B.

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