Cedar Hills Progress Update

Dec 1, 2023 – As many of you know, our Cedar Hills restaurant in Beaverton had a fire this summer, causing us to close due to extensive damage to the building roof and interior. We’ve been working hard with the insurance folks, the shopping center and contractors, but we still have a lot left to do! Right now the contractors tell us they’ll be done by spring, and we know it will be worth the wait!

Now that major equipment removal and roof repairs are done, we’ll be posting on this blog to share our progress with you. We’re excited to see our restaurant come back together and can’t wait to welcome you all back when we’re done.

The new hood ventilation system has been delivered and it’s sitting in the middle of the dining room, ready to be installed. Next up, we’ll be working on water damage repair, and then on to finishing the space with new floors, tile and paint. It’ll be like a brand-new restaurant! But, we’ll still be serving up the classic Pastini recipes you love.

In the meantime, we hope you’ll join us at another of our Portland area restaurants. Stay tuned for more updates and our *drumroll please* grand reopening!


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