Behind the Scenes: Making Spring Specials

March 20, 2024 – Behind the scenes in the bustling test kitchen of Pastini, we’ve always got something exciting simmering on the stove. As spring blossoms around us, Executive Chef Fabian and our culinary team are hard at work cooking up something special for spring—a dish that captures the essence of the season.


As the saying goes, spring heralds new beginnings and a fresh start, and we’re thrilled to unveil our newest innovation: Radiatore with Scallion Cream and Prosciutto. Chef Fabian shares his enthusiasm for spring, stating, “It’s my favorite season, and I wanted to create a dish that truly shines on our menu, something that celebrates the vibrant flavors of the season.”


When it comes to crafting a new dish, our process begins with sourcing the freshest seasonal ingredients. From there, it’s all about rigorous testing—repeated trials until we discover the perfect combination of flavors that we’re confident our guests will adore.


Spring Pasta


For Chef Fabian, creativity is second nature. “I was certain I wanted to feature fresh pasta,” he shares. Fortunately, we’ve cultivated a fantastic local partnership with Classic Foods from NE Portland, who expertly craft handmade pasta for all eight of our locations.


Radiatore has long been a beloved choice among our guests, evoking nostalgia for one of our classic pasta offerings from the past. However, our new sauce brings a fresh twist to this familiar favorite. With its distinctive shape and texture, Radiatore serves as the ideal canvas for Chef Fabian’s vision because its unique ruffled edges expertly cradle and encapsulate the sauce.


But it’s not just about the pasta—it’s about the sauce, toppings, and attention to detail. Chef Fabian describes, “our scallion cream sauce is an exquisite balance of elegance and savoriness, infused with vibrant notes from fresh lemon juice and mint. And the inclusion of melt-in-your-mouth salty prosciutto adds a layer of depth to every forkful.”


Nerello Mascalese: Spring Wine


Not only do we offer this amazing dish this season, but we also have our spring wine, Barone Di Bernaj Nerello Mascalese. This vibrant red from the east coast of Sicily boasts notes of dark plums and cherry fruit, complemented by earthy tones. It’s like taking a journey to the sun-drenched slopes of Mount Etna, an active stratovolcano. Crafted from Nerello Mascalese grapes, this medium-light body wine captures the essence of this unique volcanic region. It pairs perfectly with the brightness of our seasonal menu and is ideal for sipping on a sunny afternoon.


spring cocktail and mocktail


All our spring drinks are crafted with fresh, seasonal ingredients, infused with subtle hints of mint and bursting with vibrant colors. Among our offerings, you’ll find a refreshing Raspberry Mojito and a unique spin on the classic Southside cocktail—the Zero-Proof Signature Pastini Wild-Side, made with local Dhos nonalcoholic gin. This beverage has more of a “boozy” profile compared to our previous mocktails, staying true to the spirit of the traditional Southside cocktail.


spring pasta at Pastini


We’re thrilled for our guests to dive into our latest seasonal menu, crafted with passion and dedication behind the scenes. Chef Fabian emphasizes, “At Pastini, we strive for perfection in every dish we serve, and the Radiatore with Scallion Cream Sauce and Prosciutto is no exception.”


With this delightful dish alongside our refreshing spring drinks and wine, now available at all our locations, get ready to taste the essence of spring’s bounty. We can’t wait to welcome you to our table and share our passion for good food and great company.

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