April 22, 2017 – Clean. Refreshing. Reliable. Do you ever pause to appreciate the great water quality we have in the Pacific Northwest? It’s something we take advantage of every day in our kitchens at Pastini restaurants.

This year, Earth Day is on Saturday, April 22. But we’re opting to celebrate it all month long. That’s why Pastini is partnering with Portland Global Initiatives (PGI), a local nonprofit with a mission to raise awareness about global water issues.

PGI was founded by Mark Stell, the owner of Portland Roasting Coffee, a long-time Pastini supplier and partner. To support PGI’s goal of ending the global water crisis, Pastini will make and collect donations for PGI during the entire month of April. We are giving our guests three easy ways to support this excellent nonprofit:

#1: Order a hot, fresh mug of Portland Roasting Coffee and Pastini will donate 50 cents per cup.

#2: Add a $1 or $5 donation to your guest check by telling your server.

#3: Drop some change into one of the donation jars in our restaurants.

Over the past five years, PGI has completed ten projects around the world that have brought clean, fresh water to more than 18,000 people. The money we help collect for PGI in April will improve water conservation efforts for 168 farms in Caldas, Colombia. This project will not only help farmers be more profitable, but will also improve living conditions for hundreds of Colombians by providing them with clean drinking water.

Pastini has been serving Portland Roasting’s exceptional coffee since 2001, both for their amazing taste and for the company’s commitment to fair trade. The Pastini House blend, used both in our tiramisu and served in our restaurants, is a fusion of Guatemalan and Coast Rican coffees with brown sugar sweetness and deep bold flavors. It’s especially delicious with desserts like our warm Chocolate Tartufo.

We encourage you to try a cup this month, and help support PGI’s goal of clean water for everyone! You can also visit PGI online to learn more about their efforts.

Susie B.

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