You’re Invited: Pastini’s 22nd Anniversary

Cheers to Twenty-Two

Celebrate 22 Years of Pretty Darn Good Pasta with Weekly Raffles at Pastini

Since we first opened our doors in 2001, we’ve shared our passion for pasta and wine, and grown to serve Portland, Corvallis, Eugene and Bend. For our 22nd anniversary, we invite you to join us in the celebration by entering one of our weekly raffles in October, where you can win Pastini gift cards and our grand prize of a monthly dinner for two for a full year ($75 per month for a year).

Raffle 1: Oct 1-7

$50 Pastini gift card

(Winners: Sue S. of SE Division and James V. of Eugene)

Raffle 2: Oct 8-14

$75 Pastini gift card

(Winners: Diane  G. of Bridgeport Village and Laurie B. of Bridgeport Village)

Raffle 3: Oct 15-21

$100 Pastini gift card

(Winners: Mary E. of Cedar Hills, Weiqi F. of Downtown Portland, and Jill H. of Bend)

Grand Prize: All month, ends Oct 31

Pastini monthly dinner for two for a year (one winner receives a $75 gift card each month for a year)

(Winner: Brittany A. of NE Broadway)

This contest has closed. Thank you to everyone for participating!



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