Handcrafted Favorites for Primavera

“Primavera” means “spring” in Italian…if you dissect the word you get ‘prima’ which means ‘first’ and ‘vera’ which is a variation on ‘verde’ or ‘green’. Thus… ‘first green’, or the beginning of the spring season.  So the dish Cavatappi Primavera is the pasta equivalent of celebrating the spring vegetable harvest! Although nowadays we can get these vegetables almost anytime, in the past people ate much more seasonally, so a dish like Primavera would have been a rare treat as spring vegetables were harvested. Discover this classic dish and so many more spring favorites at Pastini    

Treat Yourself on Tuesdays

Takeout orders are 20% off every Tuesday – just call in and mention Takeout Tuesdays or order online with code TUESDAY20. It’s your favorite pastas for a fabulous deal! (Offer excludes Lunch Specials, Family Meals and wine).

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Meatball Monday

Meatball Mondays are a long-standing tradition at Pastini, and for good reason. Every Monday, we offer Spaghetti and Two Meatballs for $8.95, or with three meatballs for $9.95, and our classic Spaghetti Marinara is only $5.95. That’s a lot of goodness for not a whole lot!

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½ Off Bottles for Wine Wednesday

When you dine with us on Wednesday, something magical happens. Yes, you’ll dine on delicious scratch-made pastas and salads…but also bottles of wine are half off! Wednesday could be your new favorite day of the week.

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