Pastini Winter Drink Specials
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Warm up with cold weather drinks


Black Currant-Cranberry Soda

Winter Pomegranate Sangria

with a hint of vanilla syrup...3.50

Blood-Orange Rum Punch

Bacardi Silver rum with blood orange puree, lime, San Pellegrino Aranciata and a dash of bitters in a tall glass over ice...7.50

Winter Pomegranate Sangria

Juicy Pinot Noir from local Underwood Wines blended with pomegranate, orange, brandy and triple sec...7.50


Tuaca Hot Toddy

Caffe Saronno

Kahlua, Amaretto di Saronno and Frangelico with Portland Roasting’s Pastini Blend coffee and whipped cream...7.50

Tuaca Hot Toddy

Brandy blended with Tuaca Italian Liqueur and vanilla syrup, garnished with lemon and cloves...7.25


See the menu for our housemade lemonades and Italian Sodas.