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Pick your summer scene: Berry patch, beach or garden

Jun 29, 2016


We looked for local ideas when planning our summer specials this year, and I love what Craig and Ron have come up with to celebrate the season. They’re using delicious local and regional ingredients mixed with some really inventive takes on summer dining.

Summer Specials

For starters, the Summer Berry Salad is a lovely combination…fresh NW strawberries, blueberries and raspberries tossed with greens, shaved fennel, fresh mozzarella and a tangy honey-champagne vinaigrette. It’s a great first course to share (there’s plenty) but I also like it for dinner when the weather’s warm.

For our Spaghetti with Mussels in Spicy Tomato Broth, we’re using one local and one regional supplier. Portland’s Classic Foods is making the fresh spaghetti pasta, and we’re sourcing the fat, fresh mussels from Penn Cove Shellfish Farm in Puget Sound. Put these all together in the slightly spicy tomato broth and you have a light but flavorful seafood pasta. Read more about our local suppliers here:

And then, there’s my favorite special…Grilled Summer Vegetable Linguini with Burrata. We grill fresh heirloom tomatoes, fresh corn and sweet onions, so they get a nice smoky flavor, then combine them with a scratch-made tomato-red pepper sauce, and top with a fresh ball of burrata mozzarella. If you’ve never had burrata, it’s a revelation…soft and creamy with a center of fresh cream and mozzarella, which drizzles over the pasta and vegetables. This dish is unusual, very summery and just plain delicious.

Join us soon for some great summer dining!

Susie B.

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