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Two Special Wines for August

Aug 4, 2015

Tuscan wine whiz Antonio Sanguineti is like a force of nature, whether he’s making his own wines, consulting for other wineries, racing cars or just driving really fast on the narrow Tuscan roads. Antonio grew up in Tuscany admiring the enigmatic wine made from the Grenache grapes that grow on Sardinia, called Cannonau di Sardegna there. Sardinia is a gorgeous island off the west coast of Italy, set in the middle of the bright blue Mediterranean, and it's warm, dry climate is perfect for the late-ripening Canonau.

Cannonau/Grenache is grown in many European countries…Spain, Italy and all over the Rhone region of France, where it is blended with Syrah in the famous wines of Chateauneuf-du-Pape. But, the growing conditions on the island of Sardinia, close to sea, give it a special character.

In 2013 Antonio finally sourced some Sardinian Cannonau grapes and brought them to Tuscany. The result is a great food wine, medium-bodied and with a dry, slightly dusty complexion. Notes of red fruits – cherry, plum and pomegranate – and a lovely earth-and-brine quality, make it a wine that will accompany almost any pasta.

As a tip of the hat to summer, we’re also pouring a white wine of the month in August, also made by Antonio, his 2013 Vermentino. This grape is not well known yet in the United States. However now it’s being grown in California and even in the Applegate Valley of Southern Oregon. But, Vermentino has been an amiable traveler around the Mediterranean for centuries, and is particularly valued on the west coast of Tuscany and Liguria.

Antonio’s Vermentino comes from southern Tuscany, on the coast near Montalcino, where it thrives on the heat. It has bright acidity, aromas of citrus and minerality, and a refreshing finish. As you can imagine, it partners well with pesto and seafood pastas, and is delicious with antipasti and salads as well.

Join us during August to try these lovely and unusual vintages from Antonio Sanguineti. And don’t forget our Summer Wine Wednesdays… all bottles, including our wines of the month, are half price every Wednesday this summer.

See you soon!


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