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Gluten Free at Pastini

A Passion For Pasta

Heart on a plate of pasta

Pastini Pastarias are Oregon’s homegrown Italian bistros with a passion for pasta. Our reverence for the splendid noodle inspired us to create over 30 classic and contemporary pasta dishes using fresh, local ingredients in the tradition of the neighborhood bistros of Italy. Pastini truly has something for every pasta aficionado. Complementing our pastas are authentic antipasti, crisp salads, rustic sandwiches, and handcrafted desserts. read more >

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Fettuccini Pasta Illustration


Fettuccini translates as “little ribbons”, an apt description! Thick sauces such as alfredo cling beautifully to this pasta.

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Local Supplier - Yamhill Mushrooms

Local, sustainably-grown, organic mushrooms star in our classic favorite, Rigatoni Zuccati.
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