A Passion For Pasta
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Our Story

The first Pastini Pastaria in Portland’s Irvington neighborhood was born out of our passion for pasta and a hankering for an affordable Italian restaurant where food was still made from scratch. Thankfully, Portland heartily embraced our small pastaria and we now have seven Pastini's in Portland, Bend and Corvallis, OR. We may have grown a bit, but we’re still putting our hearts into handcrafting fresh, authentic, affordable pastas. We research and test each recipe in our home kitchen before we serve it to you. We partner with community organizations and schools to raise money for causes in which we believe. And, we personally read every facebook, twitter, email, and comment card that you take the time to fill out. Why? Because we still come to work every day with an authentic passion for pasta!

A Passion for Pasta

Pastini Pastarias are Oregon’s homegrown Italian bistros with a passion for pasta. Our reverence for the splendid noodle inspired us to create over 30 classic and contemporary pasta dishes using fresh, local ingredients in the tradition of the neighborhood bistros of Italy. Pastini truly has something for every pasta aficionado. Complementing our pastas are authentic antipasti, crisp salads, rustic sandwiches, and handcrafted desserts. Our well-priced wine list includes bottles from both stellar Oregon wineries and small, family-owned vineyards in Italy. Or you can sip a Pastini Italian Cocktail or quaff a local microbrew.