Bowtie Pasta Entree at Pastini
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Raves for Pastini

"The Real Deal"

"We hate to disrespect those Italian chain restaurants that dish up cardboard-flavored pasta, but why go there when you can get the real deal for even cheaper at Pastini Pastaria? A bowl of spaghetti topped with fresh basil and garlic is just a few bucks -- nothing here costs more than $9. The prices may be from yesteryear, but the scene is very today: bright and modern with an open kitchen and sometimes deafening crowds. The food is up to date as well, with some outstanding dishes such as cannelloni stuffed with shrimp and scallions or "Tony's Favorite Meatball" sandwich with melted Fontina. The service is speedy and efficient here, making it an excellent stop for a quick bite before a movie. It's equally enjoyable to kick back and relax. Bring the whole family; your wallet is going to love it."

-- Gayot Review

"Gluten Free Done Right"

"I loved my delicious chicken piccata dinner with gluten free penne pasta at Pastina Pastaria in Bridgeport Village near Portland, Oregon. My wife was equally excited about her wheat-based rigatone dinner. The service was great and so were the deserts. The prices were amazing — if we had skipped desert, we could have had a sumptuous Italian Sunday dinner for about $10 each. While I was typing this, I heard my wife mention to her sister that this was “the best Italian food we’d had in years.” I agree.... I am always pleased to see restaurants emphasizing their gluten free options. The waiter seemed totally gluten-savvy. He gently reminded my wife that her meal was not gluten free (which is OK, of course), and reassured me by announcing that my meal was gluten free when he served me. That’s a piece of waiter-etiquette that I deeply appreciate."


"Primo Pasta Fills for Less Dough"

"...the Irvington neighborhood's Pastini is packing them in...It's not hard to see why. A satisfying sandwich or helping of pasta runs only $4.95 to $9.75; there's a full bar; and the classy interior gives the impression that you should be paying more for your meal. Bowls of steaming pasta mixed with quality tomatoes, fennel sausage, gorgonzola, etc., deliver instant comfort, as do inexpensive glasses of wine and beer."

-- Portland Tribune

"Pasta, Hold the Pretense"

"...Pastini genuinely captures what many Americans expect from Italian kitchens - noodles run amok, with fresh-tasting sauces and not bashful about piling on the cheese...preparations are straight-ahead, putting simple, fresh flavors first and fussy pretense on permanent hold. A simple bowl of spaghetti tossed with fresh basil and garlic sets you back only $4.95, while the most extravagant dishes top out at $9.75. Hearty tubes of cannelloni stuffed with shrimp and scallops and baked in a buttery beschamella cream sauce are a standout. Easier on the waistline, though no less succulent, is a bowl of spaghetti tossed with prawns, grilled tomatoes and mozzarella. Tiramisu, an Italian menu staple is nobly done here."

-- The Oregonian


"Most people go to this place for the big bowls of yummy pasta, but there's another reason to bookmark it: antipasto. A huge plate with thin slices of legit Tuscan salami, spicy coppacola, room-temp buffalo mozzarella and provolone, gooey roasted eggplant, olives and tomatoes surrounding a center of greens happily hugging vinaigrette is finger-stickin' fun. The pastas (most $6-$8) are a draw as well and come from the open kitchen in a wide bowl perfect for dipping ciabbata into the sauce."

-- Willamette Week's Cheap Eats Guide

"Dynamic Italian Fare Featuring Premium Pasta for Little Dough"

"The look is modern trattoria - high ceilings...nicely warmed with wood accents... servers are speedy, friendly and attentive. Fresh, inventive Italian food with an emphasis on value - nothing is more than $9.00. There are more than 20 pastas to choose from. Rigatoni Bolognese, big pasta tubes coated with a rich, complex sauce of braised beef and veal, is the perfect antidote for a cold, rainy Portland day."

-- Portland Citysearch Review, Top-Rated

"I'm happy to be wrong... Don't be afraid to go out and eat gluten-free pasta!"

Pasta pasta pasta. Italian food was always a favorite of mine. And usually I steer clear of any Italian restaurants, since finding gluten-free dishes there is usually impossible. However, I’m happy to be wrong. I recently discovered the restaurant Pastini Pastaria, which serves gluten-free pasta (brown rice based) in two shapes, penne and spaghetti. I visited Pastini with a group of friends, resigned to ordering a salad. But... I was pleasantly surprised to discover they offered gluten-free pasta substituted at no extra cost... So if you live in Oregon don’t be afraid to go out and eat restaurant gluten-free pasta! I had the basic spaghetti with meatballs, and it was really delicious. The gluten-free spaghetti was thin and lighter than the kind I usually buy at the store. I’ll definitely go there again.

-- (Food Allergy