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Local Suppliers


Delicious and wholesome meals start with fresh, quality ingredients. That’s why Pastini sources produce, meats, breads and even coffee from local suppliers and farms. Our pasta dishes, sauces, soups, dressings and desserts are all made from scratch in your neighborhood Pastini’s kitchen

Food Suppliers

Big River Breads

Located in Corvallis, Oregon, Big River Breads is known for its hand-formed, hearth baked, rustic breads. They start with natural, preservative-free ingredients sourced locally in the Willamette Valley. Then for authenticity, they bake all their breads on hot stone decks in a steam-injected oven imported from Europe. Pastini is proud to serve Big River’s fresh artisan breads in our Corvallis restaurant.

Bob’s Red Mill

Bob’s Red Mill has been milling healthy grains, seeds and cereals on traditional quartz millstones for almost 40 years. This employee-owned company is a model of excellence and old-fashioned core values. We use their delicious polenta for its smooth texture and distinctive flavor.

Cal Farms

For four generations the Calcagno family has been farming along the fertile banks of the Clackamas and Willamette Rivers, as well as Madras, bringing the freshest lettuces, radishes, leeks and Italian parsley to Pastini. Cal Farms embraces sustainable farming and is certified by the Food Alliance for its safe and fair working conditions. Taste the bounty of their hard work in our fresh, made-to-order salads and housemade soups.

Calcagno Farms

Fourth-generation farmer Howard Calcagno has farmed his 45 acres of land in Aurora for the past twelve years.  He grows lettuces, vegetables and herbs, including romaine and green leaf lettuce, leeks, spinach and Italian parsley that we use in our kitchens. The Calcagno’s believe that sustainability and the health of the soil are essential to their quality produce. Howard practices crop rotation, plants cover crops and regularly tests soil composition and is Food Alliance certified.

Carlton Farms

Located in the Coast Range foothills of northwest Oregon's Yamhill Valley, Carlton Farms produces premium meats of the highest quality. This family-owned business specializes in fresh natural pork, beef and lamb. It’s a thoughtful, handcrafted approach that doesn't rely on artificial flavors, colors, or chemicals. Taste the difference it makes in our handcrafted meatballs!

Classic Foods

Behind the doors of the refurbished, circa-1932 Art Deco warehouse in NE Portland is a delicious surprise: Classic Foods, a local distributor of imported and domestic cheeses, balsamic vinegars, olives and oils. Classic provides Pastini with fine spices, specialty items like capers, and incredible fresh artisan pastas made on their authentic Italpast machine, made with pure semolina flour, cage-free eggs and filtered water.  We love having Jake and the team at Classic as our partners! 

Fulton Provisions

Since 1921, the Fulton family’s commitment to quality has been an integral part of their Portland meat company. Not only are they a leader in food safety in their state-of-the-art processing facility, they also work with local and sustainable growers to continually raise the bar for humane animal practices, and support small and mid-size farms.


HerbCo is the first company in the Northwest to provide local year-round availability of certified organic fresh herbs. This Washington company has been farming organically for the past 20 years and prides itself on sustainability, and the quality and safety of harvested produce. Pastini uses HerbCo’s basil, oregano, sage, and rosemary in a variety of our dishes.

Inaba Farms

Pastini is proud to use produce from Inaba Farms, a third generation family farm in Washington’s Yakima Valley. They are committed to sustainable practices, including their own composting operation that provides a reliable source of organic fertilizer.

Pearl Bakery

Named one of America’s best bakeries by Travel and Leisure magazine, Pearl Bakery uses the finest ingredients, buying organic, local, and small-producer items whenever possible. We proudly serve their fresh artisan bread at all our Portland-area Pastinis. Its deliciously chewy crust and texture (created by adding a splash of extra virgin olive oil) make it the perfect pairing with our pastas, soups, sandwiches and salads.

Penn Cove Shellfish Farm

Since 1975 Penn Cove Shellfish Farm has been the premier provider of sustainably farmed shellfish on the West Coast. The farm both in the clean, clear waters of Penn Cove, and on the Washington coast. Their clams and mussels are wonderfully fresh because they only harvest AFTER Pastini’s order is placed! Farmed shellfish are rated as a green seafood choice by the Monterey Bay Aquarium (Pastini is a supporter) and the Seafood Choices Alliance.

Snow & Sons

South central Washington boasts a great climate for asparagus, and its proximity to Portland means we get uber-fresh product here during the spring asparagus season. This year we’re sourcing the tender spears from Snow & Sons in Outlook, WA, where fertile soil enriched with volcanic ash is enhanced by the temperate climate. Fred Snow started the business in 1941 and today it is operated by his grandsons Steve and Jim Thomas.  Fun fact: the shoots sprout and grow to their full nine inch size in only 24 hours! That means the asparagus is harvested daily all through the entire season.

Yamhill County Mushrooms

What better place to find the best mushrooms than right in our own backyard? Yamhill County Mushrooms is a second-generation Oregon farm that supplies us with exceptional organic mushrooms (the secret is the ideal growing environment, in darkened barns with special compost, created by owner Bob Darm.) A tasty addition to many Pastini dishes, you’ll find these mushrooms in our Fusilli alla Roma, Rigatoni Zuccati and Lasagna, just to name a few!

Zenner's Sausage Co.

Starting as a small retail market in 1927, Zenner's has been passed down through generations and now produces fine sausages and smoked meats in their Northwest Portland location. They combine traditional herbs and spices, quality meats and old-world techniques to create their flavorful foods. You’ll find Zenner’s signature Italian fennel sausage in our Spaghetti with Spicy Sausage pasta.

Beverage Suppliers


Located on a 24-acre farm in Bend, Oregon, this distillery is home to the most award-winning craft gin and vodka in America. Bendistillery uses all-natural ingredients in their spirits, which include the renowned Crater Lake Vodka, made from pure Cascade Mountain water and filtered ten times through charcoal, crushed lava rock and oak. Delicious in our signature Pastini Martini.

Burnside Brewery

From its Portland, Oregon location, Burnside Brewery handcrafts beers using the highest quality malt, hops, yeast and Bull Run water to create the finest local brews. All Burnside Beers are unfiltered – which requires an increased time commitment, but pays big dividends in the depth, character, and flavor profile of their offerings. Full disclosure: Burnside brewmaster and co-owner Jason McAdam is married to longtime Pastinian Kim McAdam.

Charles Smith Wines

Charles Smith, self-taught winemaker (and Food & Wine’s 2009 Winemaker of the Year), has partnered with friend Charles Bieler to make wines from Washington’s Wahluke Slope AVA under the name Charles & Charles. The area is getting known for drinkable reds and they are capturing the magic of it’s cool climate and long growing season.

Chehalem Winery

Located in Newberg, Oregon, Chehalem Winery is well known for the quality of both its red and white wines. Their passion for cool climate varietals is reflected in their complex, structured and intensely fruited wines. Pastini is pleased to serve the Chehalem INOX. With its crisp, fruit-rich style, this Chardonnay is like an orchard of fresh fruit in a glass, and a fantastic food wine.

Clear Creek Distillery

Clear Creek Distillery marries traditional European brandy-making techniques with perfectly ripened fruit from their own Oregon orchards. No colors or flavors are ever added to these spirits; you taste only the clear, fiery essence of Oregon’s finest fruits, the result of careful fermentation and distillation. We’re proud to serve Clear Creek’s amazing Pear Brandy and Oregon Pot-Distilled Brandy at Pastini.

Coeur de Terre Vineyard

Nestled in a protective valley in the foothills of the Oregon Coast Range near McMinnville, Coeur de Terre Vineyard’s dedication to utilizing only organic farming techniques contributes to the unique character expressed in their wines. Pastini is proud to serve the delicious Pinot Gris from this family owned business.

Corvidae Wines

Corvidae is the Latin name for the family of birds that includes the crow, raven and jay – the very same birds often seen in the vineyards of this Eastern Washington winery. Pastini proudly serves one of their best wines, Corvidae Rook. A robust blend of Washington Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet, it contains notes of ripe plum and cassis, balanced by chewy tannins. Definitely a wine to crow about.

Deschutes Brewery

Deschutes Brewery has been producing a range of craft beers since 1988, when it was first founded in Bend, Oregon. And while this little brewery has since grown up quite a bit, it’s stayed true to the tradition of Oregon’s great craft breweries. You can enjoy a Deschutes Brewery beer in all our Pastini restaurants, but especially in Bend where we feature several choices plus a seasonal DB tap year round.

Elk Cove Winery

As one of Oregon's oldest and most respected wineries, Elk Cove has been making wine since 1977, with grapes harvested from four different sites in the Northern Willamette Valley. While Elk Cove Vineyards proudly remains a family owned and operated winery, its hand crafted Estate-grown wines can rival the best in the world. You can enjoy their benchmark Pinot Noir at all of our Pastini locations.

Portland Roasting Coffee

We’ve been serving the extraordinary coffees of Portland Roasting since 2001. A primary reason (aside from the exceptional taste, of course) is the company’s commitment to paying growers fair trade prices and their support of projects in the coffee communities. Our Pastini house blend from Portland Roasting is especially delicious with chocolate desserts like our warm Chocolate Tartufo.

Revelry Vintners

Revelry Vintners in the Walla Walla Valley is part of the new breed of SE Washington wineries, taking advantage of the region’s fine soils and idyllic growing climate. Their Merlot is an example of the delicious, well-priced wines coming out of this area: blueberry and cherry fruit with hints of American oak and spice. Smooth and rounded, it still has plenty of bold flavors to be a great pairing with hearty pasta dishes. One taste and we think you’ll be a fan.

Sharecropper’s Wines

Owen Roe Winery makes wonderful wines under the “Sharecropper’s” label.  It started during the great recession when local growers were having hard times selling their grapes.  Owen Roe decided to bring back the historic idea of sharecropping, and paid the growers after the wine was made and sold.  The wines have been so successful (and celebrated) that they have kept the name and this line of regional varietals, although they now pay the growers up front.  Wonderful wines from local vineyards!