Pastini Green Practices
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Local, Seasonal Menu & Sustainable Practices

Pastini is moving toward greener practices wherever we can, and we just took a big step in that direction with our new take out containers. Now you can eat well and feel good about it. Enjoy Oregon-sourced menu items at a Pastini Pastaria near you or learn more about our green practices below!

New Cold Food Containers

Our new Eco-Products clear containers for cold foods are so cool - they're made from corn and are compostable. This material is 100% annually renewable and is fully compostable in municipal and industrial composting facilities. We’ve even sourced compostable labels for them, so you’ll have no problem knowing what is in the box. These labels are also made from renewable plant sources. While the Portland Composts! program currently does not accept these containers, other industrial composting facilities do and we're happy to source these plastics from renewable resources instead of petroleum.

These new Eco-Products clear containers join our take out bags, which are 100% oxo-biodegradable (will biodegrade in the presence of oxygen), and our compostable utensils which are all compostible and made from renewable materials but are currently not accepted by the Portland Composts! program.

New Hot Food Containers

Unlike our old waxed cardboards boxes, our hip new EarthChoice hot food containers are microwavable to 250 degrees. And they're made from an innovative hybrid material that uses 40% less plastic, plus they close tighter so your pastas will stay hot longer. We've tried compostable pulp containers for our pastas, but so far haven't found any that will hold up to the hot food without collapsing, so we've chosen these EarthChoice boxes as the best alternative (the clear corn containers we use for cold foods will melt if hot food in put into them). However, curbside recycling will not accept these pasta containers. We will continue to look for more sustainable alternatives!

Composting in the Restaurants

Pastini is also composting organic and paper waste in our Bend pastaria and we are in the process of setting up composting in the Corvallis Pastini. Composting organic waste such as squash ends, tomato cores, coffee grounds and other biodegradables, along with cardboard and paper napkins can reduce trash by an amazing 50% - 75%.

We will be adding composting programs in other locations as soon as our local waste management companies have them available. We'll keep you posted on updates to our Green Pastini Program.